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The JAM Sisters, born in Florida and raised in Jamaican culture, founded WeBeJAMin’ Bakery in 2015 as a way to create jams representative of the cultural fusion between Jamaican and American culture—Jamerican (J-AM). America is full of diversity with various cultures and people groups. Knowing our past, we recognize it is time to embrace our new future in the Pacific Northwest —beholding the vision before it is realized and going after it like all the Greats who proceed us. The time has always been now!

WeBeJAMin’ Bakery is created out of a passion to serve our local community. We offer great quality, trendy baked goods, and jams that are made with fresh local ingredients from area farms.

Our mission is to manufacture baked goods that combine the warmth of the Caribbean with the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. Creating new and exciting flavors, exciting dormant taste buds by educating our customer on new food trends in baking, pastry, and jams.


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