Introducing Apricot Habanero Jam!!!

I am so excited to present this new flavor, Apricot Habanero Jam! 

I used to make this delicious and flavorful jam when I serviced farmers markets on the east coast and was always a customer favorite. Last year I had the labels created and printed and sadly missed the season to produce this delicious offering. I personally love stone fruit in general but apricots are one of my favorites because of it’s sweet and tart flavor that is like the cross between a peach and a plum. The pairing of apricot and habanero is a beautiful one. The apricot lends its lightly sweet and tart flavor, the habanero adds it’s unique fruity and floral flavors to create a spicy, pungent and aromatic jam. I personally love to enjoy this jam on a toasty bagel with cream cheese or as a condiment on the side with curried chicken and roti bread. I am looking forward to folks purchasing this jam and sharing their applications.

This jam was made with apricots grown in Selah, Washington by Collins Family Orchards

Enjoy and One Love!

Springtime is the right time….

As we welcome this new season of spring, I have been planting vegetable starts. I harvested lots of seeds last year and I am looking forward to a wonderful harvest of fresh produce. I am looking forward to all the fruit that will be ready too. This jam sister is ready for production!